“Raila is the biggest stumbling block to the progress of this country”- DP Ruto.

United Democratic Alliance leader, DP Ruto has castigated the Orange Democratic Movement Party Leader, Raila Odinga over the Jubilee Big 4 agenda failures.

Ruto who was speaking yesterday stated that Raila after the handshake crippled the government’s plan to grow the country by introducing the BBI ammendment bill.

“Everything was well planned until Raila came into Jubilee and initiated the Constitution initiative under BBI.”

“It is at this point that the government’s agenda including the Big Four which was to create jobs for the youth was tampered with,” Ruto said.

Ruto added that if he will be elected president, he will use the Bottom-Up approach to kickstart the already dwindling economy.

“We will resuscitate the Big Four Agenda by incorporating it with the bottom-up economy model to kick-start the dwindling economy in my first year in office,” he said.