Doctors advise Raila to take some time off campaigns

Raila in Mombasa for a three-day vacation after doctors told him to take time off campaigns.

Orange Democratic Movement Party Leader, Raila Odinga has been conspicuously absent from campaigns since December 10, after the Azimio la Umoja Convention Convention.

Details emerging indicate that Odinga has taken sometime off after doctors adviced him to chill a little bit.

Raila, according to his close confidants is in Mombasa for a three-day vacation since Tuesday.

This is after the former Prime Minister conducted intense campaigns in the past few weeks.

He also revealed that it is true he is in the coastal region taking time off.

“I’m in Mombasa to rest for three days. I’ve not held any meeting today,” Raila stated.

“I was advised to rest after Kasarani. After the three days, I will talk to different people and groups,” he added.

He also stated that be will result to his normal routine after the vacation.