Pritty Vishy Reveals The Number Of Men She Has Dated So Far -

Pritty Vishy Reveals The Number Of Men She Has Dated So Far

In a recent interview, Kibera-born socialite and influencer, Pritty Vishy, opened up about her tattoo collection and past relationships. Pritty, known for her vibrant personality and online presence, shed light on her tattoos and shared details about her dating history.

Pritty Vishy disclosed that she currently has three tattoos, one of which holds a special significance. She revealed that one of her tattoos is dedicated to a man named VIN, with whom she fell in love in early 2023. The tattoo, which cost sh500, symbolizes the connection she shared with him despite the distance, as VIN was not in Kenya at the time.

During the interview, the interviewer probed Pritty about her dating experiences, prompting her to discuss her “body count” or the number of people she has been involved with romantically. Pritty replied with a smile, stating, “Right now, I have one.”

As the interviewer continued to inquire about her past relationships, Pritty reminisced about her romantic encounters since high school. Although she struggled to provide an exact number, she expressed amusement and evoked laughter by counting on her fingers.

When asked if the count was approximately 20, Pritty chuckled and dismissed the suggestion. She made it clear that she did not want to divulge too many details, particularly because her current boyfriend might see the video. Nevertheless, she emphasized that she was no longer focused on her past and was committed to being faithful to her present partner.

Moving on from the discussion about her dating history, the conversation shifted back to Pritty’s tattoos. She delved into the tattoo dedicated to her married ex-boyfriend, highlighting the significance it held for her. Pritty revealed that she had dated around three men overall, suggesting that she had gained valuable experiences and grown from those relationships.

Pritty Vishy’s candid interview provided a glimpse into her personal life, including her tattoo collection and past romantic involvements. As a Kibera-born socialite and influential figure, Pritty continues to captivate her online audience with her vibrant personality and relatable experiences.