Pritty Vishy: I Had A Main Boyfriend While I Was Dating Stivo Simple Boy

One of the most famous and controversial content creator and upcoming socialite, Pritty Vishy , caused stir online again, after she decided to reveal publicly how unfaithful she was while she was dating Stivo Simple Boy.

Pritty Vishy and Simple Boy were once a power couple. The 21 years old content creator said that  at first she was deeply in love with Stivo Simple Boy, and she even used to sneak out of school , to just go and do interviews that were meant to defend Stivo and also expose the situation on the ground so that he can be helped.

Her expose in 2021, was the one that made Stevo Simple Boy to get a new management. Things started going right, and Stivo didn’t even thank her. Pritty Vishy saw the redflags, hence while she was dating Stivo Simple Boy, she decided to look for a main boyfriend.

The time Stivo Simple Boy was making it public that he has dumped her, she had already dumped her mentally, and she had already moved on. She said that she also decided to publicly reveal that she has parted ways with Stivo, because his main boyfriend wanted her to do so. She also wanted to feel free with her main man.

This is the third time Pritty Vishy is revealing how she was unfaithful in her relationship with Stivo Simple Boy. In 2022 Vishy is on record saying that she used to cheat on Simple Boy with older men. She was the one who cheated on Stivo and maybe that is among the main reasons why Stivo also decided to part ways with her.