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“Pombe sio supu” Watch a DRUNK MAN urinating out of his moving vehicle along a busy highway –(VIDEO).

In yet another alarming incident of reckless driving, an intoxicated driver was caught on camera engaging in a dangerous act while behind the wheel.

Rather than exhibiting responsible behavior and pulling over to safely address the need to relieve himself, this individual decided to urinate from his moving vehicle. This reckless choice occurred on a bustling highway, jeopardizing not only his own life but also the safety of fellow motorists.

A disturbing aspect of this situation is that some drivers who were traveling behind him could be heard laughing as they recorded the incident on video. Such a callous response highlights the unfortunate reality that some individuals fail to recognize the gravity of such irresponsible actions.

It is crucial to acknowledge that a simple lapse in judgment during this situation could have resulted in a tragic and fatal accident. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of responsible and considerate behavior on the road, as the consequences of reckless actions can be dire.