Police officer fighting for life after being pushed off a speeding vehicle by a prisoner.

A police officer is fighting for his life after being pushed off a speeding vehicle by a prisoner on route to the station.

According to reports, the Migori Police officer was pushed out of the vehicle by an unidentified prisoner who escaped and left the officer with serious head injuries.

Martin Kuria was first rushed to the Kehacha Hospital before being transferred to the Migori County Referral Hospital where he is currently receiving treatment.

It is reported that the officers were on a patrol in Kehacha, Kuria West and they had arrested four prisoners before the unfortunate incident.

“They arrested four prisoners at Kehancha Township and that one of them turned violent but officers managed to subdue him, returned him into the vehicle,” the report filed at Kehancha Township Police Station read in part.

The report also stated that the prisoner later turned violent before reaching the destined station where he pushed Kuria out oof the vehicle and jumped off escaping to a nearby thicket.