“Please I need your financial support I can’t move my legs” – Ailing Nollywood Actor cries out to colleagues, fans (Watch)

Nollywood veteran, Amaechi Muonagor, is humbly reaching out to the public, baring his heart as he shares his recent battle with a paralyzing stroke, earnestly requesting both financial support and the solace of prayers to aid him during this challenging phase of his life.

In a video that has circulated widely, the ailing actor was captured lying supine, recounting the harrowing journey of his stroke affliction and detailing the medical path he has traversed thus far.

He narrated the initial episode of his stroke, which necessitated his rush to the hospital, where he remained for several months. Regrettably, his condition displayed no signs of improvement, compelling his transfer to the Nnewi Teaching Hospital in Anambra, where he continues to receive medical care.

Amaechi went on to share that seven months ago, on a fateful day filled with misfortune, he had just concluded a grueling film shoot alongside his esteemed colleagues, including Emeka Ani, Patience Ozokwo, Rita Edochie, and Ebele Okaro. As he was preparing to leave in his car, fate took an unexpected turn, and he was struck by a debilitating stroke.

Since that ill-fated day, the actor disclosed that his condition has steadily worsened. Regrettably, he is no longer able to move his legs or walk independently, and half of his body is now immobilized. He expressed his remorse for not disclosing this ordeal earlier, as he had not foreseen the persistent nature of this affliction.

Now, he appeals to the compassionate hearts of Nigerians, seeking financial aid for his paralysis, which has led to significant swelling in certain areas of his body and has left him unable to partake in regular meals.

Amaechi also revealed that the current hospital where he is receiving care has depleted its supplies of the essential medications required for his treatment. In this dire circumstance, he reaches out to his colleagues, devoted fans, and dear friends for urgent assistance.