“Please forgive me, my manhood is so huge and painful and I regret sleeping with the house help,” my husband said after I taught him a lesson for sleeping with the house girl

My name is Vanessa and after my maternity leave was over, I decided to look for a house help to help me take care of my baby since I wanted to go back to work. Luckily, a friend of mine helped get a good girl, who was very hardworking and her name was Irene. I loved how she was disciplined, and hardworking and also loving to my young baby.

One evening, as I was organizing the laundry in my bedroom. I came across a bra that I was sure wasn’t mine. It was between my bedsheets and on looking it closely, I noticed it was my house help’s. I was so shocked and confused at the same time; I did not know what to think about the bizarre incident.

After careful thinking, I decided to investigate whether my husband and the house girl were both having an affair under my nose. Actually, a few days after I found out it was true after I spied my husband’s phone and found nudes of Irene in his gallery. I could not believe it. I decided to confront them later that night and they all ganged up against me where they beat me and chased me out of the house.

I cried so hard and went to seek refuge in a neighbour’s house since it was in the middle of the night. My neighbour was so sad for me but told me not to worry since the next day, she would take me to Doctor Mugwenu’s place so that we could teach them a lesson for betraying me.

The next day, she drove me to his workplace in Nairobi. He cast a spell of plagues that would teach them a lesson by making their lives unbearable. A day later, they both came to my neighbour’s house and started begging for forgiveness.

“Please forgive me, my manhood is so huge and painful and I regret sleeping with the house help,” my husband said. The house help, on the hand, had extremely big boobs and she also asked for forgiveness. I fired her and forgave my husband.

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