Pilot Nyako Fires Back at Lulu Hassan for Calling Her Shosh, 'mimi si mamako' -

Pilot Nyako Fires Back at Lulu Hassan for Calling Her Shosh, ‘mimi si mamako’

In a recent incident, TikToker Nyako took offense to being referred to as an old woman, or “Shosho,” by Lulu Hassan, a popular news anchor. Nyako responded by asserting that she was not anyone’s mother and advised Lulu to mind her own business. She also questioned whether any of her relatives had complained, emphasizing that they had not and requesting some space and understanding.

During a separate live session on TikTok, Nyako expressed her confusion as to why Lulu Hassan’s name was being mentioned on her platform and even suggested that she had no knowledge of who Lulu was. Nyako mentioned that she resided in Europe and implied that they did not belong to the same category or social circle as the news anchor.

Lulu Hassan unintentionally found herself on the wrong side of the TikToker after casually referring to her as old during a live session on TikTok with actress Mwanasha Johari, known for her role in the TV series “Sultana.” While reviewing the comments, a follower mentioned Nyako, prompting Lulu to inquire about her identity.

“Who is Nyako on this platform? Nyako is an old woman, right? Do you know her? I’m not familiar with TikTok,” Lulu remarked, to which Mwanasha advised her, “Don’t mention her; she’s someone else on TikTok.”