‘People compare me with monkey’: Artist Simple Boy

Musician Steven Otieno, popularly known as Simple Boy, has recently opened up about facing harsh criticism regarding his physical appearance. Specifically, he has been compared to a monkey. Despite the hurtful comments, the singer of the hit song “Mihadarati” has chosen to take the high road and not let the negative remarks get to him.

In an interview with local television, Simple Boy stated, “You know; it is painful but there was nothing I could do but just persevere. I believe in myself no one knows what the future holds and that the person who you might be despising today, could be the one to save you tomorrow.”

Despite the challenges he has faced, Simple Boy remains committed to his passion for music. He has chosen to use his platform to raise awareness about the negative effects of drug abuse and crime in Kibera slums. These issues have had a significant impact on many young people due to high levels of unemployment and poverty.

In summary, Simple Boy’s positive attitude and determination to make a difference through his music serve as an inspiration to many. Despite facing criticism and negativity, he continues to focus on his passion and use his platform for good.