Pastor Ng’ang’a Reacts To Thee Pluto’s Show Loyalty Test

Pastor Ng’ang’a, a controversial city preacher, recently expressed his displeasure with Thee Pluto show’s loyalty test during one of his sermons. He criticized the show’s use of vulgar language and expressed shock at the young men’s behavior.

The loyalty test, which exposes unfaithful partners in relationships, has gained popularity through Thee Pluto’s efforts to “sanitize” relationships.

Interestingly, just a few days prior, Ng’ang’a commended Eric Omondi for calling out gospel artists on their immoral behavior. Though he admitted that Eric wasn’t one of his favorites, he appreciated the comedian’s efforts to get the gospel artists back on track.

Ng’ang’a also saw the preaching ministry in Eric and advised him to quit the drama and focus on spreading the gospel. He believes that Eric has the potential to be a great preacher if he repents and leaves the entertainment industry.

Notably, Ng’ang’a is known for his controversial statements and actions during his sermons. Recently, his TV channel was suspended by the Communication Authority of Kenya for violating regulations.

Additionally, a video of him embarrassing his wife during a sermon went viral. In the video, he revealed the private messages he had been sending his wife and criticized his own responses to her “I love you” texts. He then put his wife on the spot and asked her to advise him on how to respond properly.

Overall, Ng’ang’a remains a polarizing figure in Kenya, with some people supporting his views and others criticizing his controversial statements and actions.