Papa Shirandula ‘Njoro’: List Of Rentals Houses He Owns In Machakos,Kiserian And Nairobi -

Papa Shirandula ‘Njoro’: List Of Rentals Houses He Owns In Machakos,Kiserian And Nairobi

Actor Njoro, also known as Ken Gichoya, is best known for his role as the stubborn gardener in the popular sitcom Papa Shirandula on Citizen TV. However, away from acting, Njoro has heavily invested in a variety of businesses and also owns rental properties.

Njoro, who is a father of three, owns a bar, matatus, and a hardware store in Ongata Rongai that is managed by his brother-in-law. In an interview with Churchill ‘The Journey Series’, Njoro revealed that his true passion lies in business, not acting.

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“I did not want to be an actor. I was more focused on business,” he told Churchill.

Njoro attributes his success in business to his wife, who manages all their ventures. “I let my wife deal with the businesses, then she brings the books at the end of the month,” he stated.

The actor also owns rental properties in various locations, including Joska, Mutalia, Utawala, Ruai, and Kiserian. He credits his decision to invest in real estate to his mother, who urged him to buy land instead of a car early in his acting career.

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On ‘The Wicked Edition’ hosted by Dr Kingori, Njoro recounted how his mother would tell him, “Do not wait until you get a huge amount of money. Use the little money you have.”

Njoro’s rental income is Sh10,000 per unit in Joska, Mutalia. However, he also mentioned that dealing with entitled tenants can be difficult, recalling a time when he had to weld a tenant’s door shut to force her to vacate the property after six months of unpaid rent. The tenant eventually paid her arrears with the help of her church members.

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In Kiserian, Njoro had a tenant who slashed his car tires after claiming he had not paid his rent, despite having evidence of the payments being made.

Overall, Njoro’s success in business and real estate proves that he is not just a talented actor, but also a savvy entrepreneur.