Painful Moment As Lady Who Had Been Out Partying Finds Her Two Kids Burnt Beyond Recognition.

Detectives in Kiambaa, Kiambu County are investigating an incident where two children were burnt alive in unclear circumstances.

According to reports, the two boys had been left locked in the house by their mother who is said to have been in company of another lady at a popular joint in the area last weekend.

Speaking to a local daily, the grandmother revealed that she has been warning her daughter not to lock her kids in the house while going out in the night.

This is actually not the first time this is happening because I’ve always told her to make sure that she leaves her children with me but she has never listened. She come from work to home and goes out wherever she feels like, this is her fault,

she said.

Area villagers who tried to rescue the kids from the fire said that their attempts bore no fruits given the fact that there was a strong wind blowing in the area.

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The bodies were transfer to the Mortuary as area police conduct investigations.