Over 10 People Left With Severe Diarrhea After Eating A Dead Goat’s Meat In Maragua.

10 people have been left with severe diarrhea in Maragua after feasting on a dead goat’s meat.

According to reports, the goat had died yesterday afternoon and the owner did not want to count the loss hence inviting his friends for a January end month goat out.

The men are said to have even ordered their regular drinks commonly referred to as Keg.

“I was just in town and my friend invited me for a feast, we ate the goat knowing that it had been dead before slaughter. I wish I did not indulge because I have been going to the toilet every 4 minutes since yesterday midnight,” one of the men said.

“It was sweet since we just grilled it and we had some drinks,” the man added.

By the time of publishing this article, 2 men are still in critical condition but have refused to visit the hospital.