Our Marriage Was Saved The Moment I Stopped My Wife From Cheating.

It’s been now 10 years of marriage. Our anniversary was coming right up and I had been so excited about this day.

My wife and I had made plans to celebrate this special day for us. I guess I was so much excited for the both of us because to her it just seemed like another day that was going to passed by, but today with no arguments.

Seven-years into marriage I had realized something had changed about her. Her mood had changed, all we did was argue and fight about petty things.

She had started coming home late with the excuse that work has been so tight on her and because we were trying to make ends meet for our family I was okay with it.

On several occasions, she would disappear during the weekends with the excuse of she needed to go back to his hometown to be closer to the church that raised her.

Due to the love and trust we build over that long period we had been married I let that sink and did not question her. On this particular day is when I felt like my life was going to come to a stop. On our 10th anniversary day.

Right before we headed out to dinner, I received a text message from one of my wife’s childhood friend. Apparently, they had got into an argument and this was her way of “destroying” my wife’s life.

She had been cheating this whole time. I could not believe it. I knew I had to confirm these myself, and so for the day, I decided to be calm until things got back to normal.

The late night working and weekends had started again. It was now my opportunity to really find out the truth and clear my consciousness.

On this weekend, I followed her every move from the house. True to her story, she was headed to her maternal home but she made a stop over at a certain hotel. She alighted the car and was warmly received by a gentleman.

They headed into the hotels bar had some few drinks and headed to the hotels lodging. Her friend had not lied. She was cheating on me. 10years of marriage just thrown into the ditch. What would people say? What about out two children? What about the home we had built together all these years?

The betrayal! It took me weeks to get myself back together, all this hurt. Most of my times I could just look at her and her wonder, what have I never given her, was it money, was it good sex, was she even fed up with me.

I just couldn’t accept the fact that she was cheating on me. I had gained my courage some of the times and I could see myself not weep. I never mentioned the story to anyone but kept it to myself, I was sure I was going to find a good solution to that yet I didn’t know what kind of solution.

I had no specific plans to fix our marriage as I had tried everything. I had tried dinners, lunch, family outs and picnics but again that seemed not to fix anything and I was left with no other solution.

At that point in life if I got a chance to see any native doctor or something close to that then I would even hesitate, I wouldn’t even lag myself behind.

It ate up my mind for long and I couldn’t keep it to myself, and that’s when I decided to tell my office mate about it.

He seemed concerned about my marriage that afternoon before we retired to our homes he gave a number to call.

When I got home I dialed the number and booked an appointment with the ‘Kiwanga doctors’.

That Saturday I started my journey and after we had a chat with them, the doctor said that he will stop my wife from cheating that very day and she would never think of any other man but just me, for the rest of her life.

It didn’t take long enough when things started to get Normal. I could now hangout more with my wife and my children.

Thanks to Kiwanga doctors‘ for the great help they gave me. Our marriage is back to it’s normal roots.

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