ORUBA BOYS High School Students in Migori stage a demonstration after 73 candidates scored a mean grade of D – Only two scored a C-.

Students from Oruba Boys High School in Migori County are challenging the authenticity of the 2023 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam results, branding them as questionable. Expressing their concerns, one of the students, Dijon Omondi, appreciated the opportunity to voice their grievances and shed light on the situation at Oruba Boys.

Omondi revealed that out of the 75 students who participated in last year’s KCSE exams, an astonishing 73 obtained a mean grade of D, with only two managing a C-. He expressed disbelief and emphasized that such outcomes were unprecedented in their academic history.

Addressing the peculiar nature of the results, Omondi highlighted their consistent performance in both internal and external examinations, stating that their previous records did not align with the unexpected KCSE results. He underscored the absence of the usual performance curve, where there is a distribution of grades ranging from the highest to the lowest. According to Omondi, Oruba Boys High School experienced a shocking uniformity in grades, deviating from their typical performance patterns.

Gordon Otieno Okinyi, another student, echoed Omondi’s sentiments, expressing disappointment and surprise at the disparity between their expectations and the actual results. Okinyi emphasized that every student received a grade of D, with only two achieving a C-. He further highlighted the presence of E grades, indicating a stark departure from the school’s established academic standing.

In their collective outcry, the students emphasized that the exam results contradicted their performance in joint exams and other assessments, raising doubts about the credibility of the KCSE outcomes for Oruba Boys High School.