“Only poor girls with no values will date sugar daddies” – Facebook girl disses Friends

A recent Facebook post by a user named Sandra Yoobaat has sparked significant controversy, particularly among female users. In her post, Sandra asserted that girls entertaining older men hold no value and are financially disadvantaged.

Sandra’s statement has drawn criticism, particularly from women who argue that she lacks the authority to dispense such advice. According to Sandra, the relationships between young girls and older men are primarily motivated by financial considerations rather than genuine love. She contends that older men invest in young girls because they are aware that the girls’ worth is tied to their financial resources. Sandra suggests that a young girl with little going on in her life might engage with an older man as long as it is beneficial to her.

In essence, Sandra’s perspective implies that one’s value does not increase with age; rather, individuals are simply bidding more to receive affection. This provocative post has triggered reactions from other girls on Facebook, leading some to believe that they are involved in relationships with older men for financial support.