“Oga Kwanza Sitaki Chokora, “Akothee Blasts Comedian KK Mwenyewe After He Requested to be 8th Husband

Kenyan songstress and business tycoon Esther Akoth has issued a response to comedian Mr. KK Mwenyewe’s rather unconventional proposal to become her eighth husband. Unfortunately for him, her reaction was far from what he had anticipated.

Madam Boss, as she’s popularly known, has categorically turned down the notion of forming a marital union with Mr. KK Mwenyewe. This firm rejection has left no room for ambiguity.

Akothee took to her Instagram account to express her perspective, asserting that Mr. KK Mwenyewe’s motives seemed to revolve around financial gain, insinuating that he sought a sugar mommy due to his apparent financial constraints. She elaborated on her sentiments in an extensive online tirade, addressing concerns about her personal life that had been circulating among the public.

This chatter encompassed rumors suggesting that her husband, Denis Schweizer, who is also known as Mr. Omosh, was of Pakistani origin rather than Swiss, as she had previously stated.

Akothee put an end to these doubts by presenting official documents that unequivocally confirmed her husband’s Swiss nationality, thereby dispelling the erroneous notion that he hailed from Pakistan.

In response to Comedian KK Mwenyewe’s marriage proposal, Akothee responded assertively, saying, “…The Pakistan thing has led some individuals to assume that Akothee is a mystery. I met Omosh in Switzerland, so obtain a passport before waving those worthless identity cards. Are you seeking to marry Akothee, or are you trying to be adopted by AKOTHEE? Is it hunger or love, for goodness’ sake?”

Just a few hours prior to this exchange, Comedian KK created quite a buzz by publicly declaring his intentions to wed Akothee. He took to his Instagram platform and shared a banner stating his willingness to become Madam Boss’s eighth husband.

“Madam Boss Akothee. I am willing and ready to be the 8th,” read the banner.

Accompanying the photo was a caption in which Comedian KK disclosed his frustration at keeping his desires under wraps, declaring, “I’m tired of remaining silent. Tell @akotheekenya that I am willing to be the 8th. I won’t disappoint.”