OBURU giving RAILA sleepless nights as he refuses to help BABA win the presidency because of selfishness – See what he did even after the ODM leader pleaded with him.

Raila Odinga’s senior sibling, Oburu Odinga, has refused to heed his sibling’s plea to pull out from the Siaya senatorial race.

Raila has been convincing his elder brother to hold his senatorial desires and spotlight on promoting his presidential bid ahead of his titanic battle with Deputy President William Ruto.

Oburu however has stayed adamant and isn’t budging, something giving Raila restless ningts since it could entangle his State House bid.

As of now, Oburu has made the ODM nomination application and is prepared to fight it out with Julius Okinda and Tony Yogo in party primaries booked one month from now.

While Oburu is under pressure to step aside over worries that the party would rig his rivals out in the impending nominations, the EALA legistrator contends that the push to have him bow out is perfectly tuned by his adversaries who have sensed defeat.

“They should be prepared for a grueling battle ahead of next month’s party primaries,’’ the 78-year-old politician said.

While radiating certainty that he will thrash them hands down to win the Siaya senatorial seat, Oburu assured his rivals that he won’t forget about him in the government that would be formed after the August 9 elections.

“As the elder brother to Raila, I will have easy access to the State House when he succeeds Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I will be able to ensure that Siaya people are not left out in the distribution of national resources.

Oburu, who has received the support of his in-law Ida Odinga, told his rivals not to take his relationship with his younger brother as a tool to fight him.