“Nyota Yako Imeisha!” Samidoh Replies To Fans Claiming It’s Just Matter Of Time Before He’s Finished

Samidoh, despite facing public scrutiny after his infidelity towards his wife Edday, has consistently been a prominent source of joy and entertainment for his dedicated fan base. His musical talents have earned him numerous awards and a loyal following over the years. Recently, he found himself at the center of criticism from a social media critic who predicted the decline of his career.

The controversy ignited when Samidoh shared a video on his TikTok page, performing one of his hit songs and expressing his gratitude to God for his success. In response, a bold follower took the opportunity to voice their opinion, reminiscing about what they perceived as his prior pretentious behavior. They pointed to a specific interview with Churchill, a popular Kenyan comedian and talk show host, where they believed Samidoh had come across as insincere.

This critic went a step further by declaring that Samidoh’s days of favor and success were a thing of the past, and his downfall was inevitable.

Samidoh, however, didn’t back down in the face of this criticism. He responded with a fiery comeback, demonstrating his unwavering determination to succeed. The Mugithi star told the critic that if the favor they claimed he had lost was no longer his, they were welcome to bestow it upon his family members. He expressed the hope that this would alleviate any hardships his loved ones might be enduring.