Nyakim Gatwech: Lady With The Darkest Skin In The World - Black Beauty -
Nyakim Gatwech: Meet the darkest model on the planet

Nyakim Gatwech: Lady With The Darkest Skin In The World – Black Beauty

American-based South Sudanese model, Nyakim Gatwech, has made social media users speechless over her verifiably enthralling dark complexion and beauty. Black has consistently been beautiful, in any case, Nyakim is on an entire other level as her skin is dark to the point that it nearly looks fake.

When model Nyakim Gatwech was in middle school,she cried herself to sleep thinking she wasn’t beautiful enough. Now, the 24-year-old South Sudanese model has become an icon of beauty and an inspiration to young women everywhere. Her secret? Self-love.

Nyakim’s self-assurance is amazing, particularly during this time when many spend lots of cash on skin-lightening chemicals hoping to make their complexions look different.

“It takes time to love who you are. Be confident in whatever the situation is. If you love yourself other people will see. It will shine through you and then they have the choice to accept you or walk away.” she said.

Nyakim Gatwech also known as ‘Queen of Dark’

It is a dark shade of skin colour that has since earned her the epithet ‘Queen of Dark,’ a title she uses to promote self-acknowledgment. She has turned into a lady that young ladies admire when, they as well, are looking for self esteem.

Nyakim Gatwech

Nyakim became a web sensation in the wake of posting an account of her interaction with a Uber driver on Instagram. At the point when the Uber driver asked as to whether she would bleach her skin for $10,000, Nyakim laughed it off.

“Why on earth would I ever bleach this beautiful melanin God blessed me with?” she said

This made the driver stunned that she saw the complexion as a gift. Nonetheless, she says that she has become accustomed to getting such looks and unusual inquiries regarding her skin each time she goes out in the public.

“I empower dark-skinned little girls who are bullied for having skin they can’t change. A little girl wrote me a paragraph thanking me for loving myself. She told me that because I love myself she started to love herself too.”