No Finances For Mount Kenya Aspirants Who Do Not Support Raila Amollo Odinga

Azimio La Umoja -OKA Coalition has a top flagbearer candidate for the Presidential seat come August this year.

It is a coalition that is campaigning in all parts of the country and majorly Mount Kenya region where they anticipate for many votes.

Speaking in Murang’a Raila who is the Presidential aspirant said that Mount Kenya Aspirants should not fear campaigning in his name.That if they fail in elections, he will give them jobs.

It was also proposed that Azimio-OKA coalition will not finance mount Kenya leaders who do not declare Raila Odinga as their presidential candidate.

This was proposed by area Azimio bigwigs and endorsed by Mr Odinga when he met Murang’a aspirants on Wednesday at Thika Greens hotel.

The warning came as aspirants appeared to have boycotted associating themselves with the Odinga presidential pitch, preferring to package themselves as Jubilee Party aspirants.

They are hiding in jubilee but they are not in Azimio. Therefore they need to declare their stand on in which party they belong to.

We pray for free and fare elections with peace in our country.