“Nimechoka Kuolewa na Kuachwa!! Aliyeniroga Tafadhali Anivumbue, SinaNyota” Kitale Woman Says All Her Marriages Break Within Six Months, Cries ForHelp

How many weddings are too many?? How many times can the same lady stomach getting
dumped?? Maureen Kipchumba had to endure not one but eight broken marriages, each lasting
less than six months. According to Maureen, marriage has tormented her, exposed the scars in
her heart and made her scared of committing with a man.

“Sina hamu tena ya kuolewa. Kuna mtu ametia ndoa zangu madoadoa. Kila mara nikidhani
nimempata “My Mr. Right”, ana-left. Naona aibu hata kutembea mtaani. Kama ni kurogwa
nimerogwa tafadhali nioneeni huruma angalau ndoa yangu moja imalize japo mwaka na nusu.
Wanaume siku hizi hawana muda na mimi, ripoti zimesambaa kila mahali kuwa sikai na mume
katika ndoa bila mizongo na mashaka kutukumba” she lamented her distressful situation.
Maureen went on to add rhat, it becomes even more hurtful when men just leave without a
good reason. She cried herself to sleep when Thomas left, and three weeks later , Maureen
heard from his sister that he was getting married to another lady. There was no notice, no
goodbye. He just got fed up after four and a half months and quit.
Once, she opened up to her Pastor, who instead wanted to take advantage of her problems to
sleep with her. Maureen says ” he invited me to his house and said that we were going to have
a private session, to pray and ward off evil spirits. I realized too late his true intentions when he
began touching my breasts. I pushed him away and left, disappointed and equally shocked at his
lack of manners.

There was however one more unscripted episode in her family-friendly drama. After being
recommended a native doctor called Dr. Mugwenu, she found reprieve after his powerful spells
worked. She left Vihiga hopeful that her troubles were over. She found love, once more. Nine
months later, pregnant and happy, she knew that this is it, this is the final chapter, this
marriage will last.
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 Here are some of the reviews from Mugwenu’s other  happy and satisfied customers:
   Lover comes back

Here the updated as you have requested on my situation. I have had amazing things happen
during the first week of my casting. Jason has done a 360 and is now talking with me and
wanting to spend time with me again.

I can’t believe after all that has happened he actually turned around and started talking and
wanting to be with me. It’s AMAZING! You are like a god sends an angel in my life. What can I
say? Veronica and he just split up and he wants now to be with me.

We went out last night and he confessed his love for me and the love told me how much he
wanted to be with me. I still cannot believe that he has turned around like this. I am in shock.
He was so dead set on Veronica and not wanting to be with me that I could not see it turning
around. You know you were my last hope. After being disappointed by many spell casters that
just wanted my money I am glad that I put my faith in just one more person. I am in your debt
for a life time!

 “My neck doesn’t hurt any more”

I am forever grateful for your help, kindness and patience with me. The pain I was feeling in my
neck left the way you promised and I don’t feel all that negative energy around me and the
black magic I don’t feel it anymore. You are the best! Thank you thank you, thank you, a
thousand times
Christopher Mumanyi
 “My wife is home again!”

After all the spell-casters I tried before, you were my last chance, and you kept your promise!
My wife wrote me such a touching letter last week! She wants to live with me and the kids
again! I really feel I’m living again! Thank you for making all this possible!

paul ouma