“Nilipieni rent na School fees ya Watoto,” Tiktoker Nyako Appeals for Help

Kenyan TikTok sensation and content creator, Roseline Ngolo, widely recognized as Nyako, is reaching out to her followers in a heartfelt plea for assistance in covering her rent.

The Germany-based content creator took to her TikTok platform to share a video, revealing that her rent payment is due on December 12, 2023, and she is currently facing challenges accessing her bank accounts.

Nyako conveyed her frustration, explaining that her bank account had been frozen by authorities due to conflicts with TikTok critics. In the video, she lamented, “I had some money from TikTok on my PayPal account, and I wanted to transfer the money so I can pay my rent tomorrow, but my PayPal account is in the negative. My TikTok earnings are gone.”

In the same video, Nyako disclosed that TikTok serves as her sole source of income, and she relies on it to meet her financial obligations, such as paying her bills.

Expressing her dependence on TikTok, Nyako stated, “Since I’m not getting any help from anybody, I have to depend on TikTok.” She generates income on the platform by going live and receiving gifts from her supportive viewers.

In an effort to overcome her financial challenge, Nyako reached out to her fans for assistance, and as a result, she has managed to raise over Ksh 40,000 on TikTok. Grateful for the support, she extended her appreciation to her followers during a TikTok live session, saying, “Asanteni sana, barikiweni” (Thank you very much, be blessed).