Nilinyonga monkey for 6 months- Andrew Kibe Opens Up On Struggle With Self Pleasure.

Controversial media personality and Former Kiss 100 presenter, Andrew Kibe has opened up on his struggles with self pleasure.

The savage individual who is currently living in the USA revealed that he used to turn himself on and finish the job himself.

He added that back in 1998,the now known man whose appetite for ladies is super high couldn’t find a lady to quench his thirst then.

“There a time I Nyongad, I think it was in 1998. In 1998 there was a kashift in my life, I nyongad for a couple of months and I said f**k it.”

“I never doing that s**t no more!1998 I nyongad for like 6 months and was like naaah. Cause I started late, I was able to stop it.”