” Nilikuwa Natesa wanaume nilikuwa Mrembo sana! But My Husband Destroyed My Beauty By Removing My Eye”

The poignant tale of Maureen, a Kenyan woman, unfolds as a heartbreaking narrative of survival in the face of adversity. Born into a modest family as the eldest child, her limited resources denied her the opportunity for formal education, leading her to enter into marriage at the tender age of 15.

Choosing to wed her best friend, who tragically transformed into her greatest foe, Maureen and her spouse were blessed with four children. As financial hardships loomed, Maureen made the bold decision to relocate to the city in pursuit of a livelihood.

However, her insecure husband, unable to accept her quest for independence, responded by taking on a co-wife merely a week after her departure. Shocked by this revelation, Maureen returned to investigate, unwittingly walking into a harrowing crime scene.

The collaborative scheme between her husband and the new wife aimed to end her life, fueled by the husband’s insecurities about her relocation to Nairobi, fearing the attention of other men. Upon her return, a brutal attack ensued, leaving Maureen with a disfigured face, the loss of an eye, and mutilated fingers. Her husband, displaying callousness, falsely reported her death to the police.

Through a stroke of luck and the dedication of medical professionals, Maureen’s life was spared. The healing process, both physically and emotionally, proved to be an arduous journey. Her once radiant beauty was marred, prompting her to make the courageous decision to permanently sever ties with marriage and embrace the responsibility of raising her four children independently.

Undeterred by the trauma, Maureen embarked on a journey of resilience and self-sufficiency. Working as a cleaner in a hotel and receiving support from a compassionate individual who enabled her to acquire a motorbike, she holds onto hope that brighter days lie ahead. Her optimism fuels her determination to overcome adversity and create a better future for herself and her children.