“Nilikuwa Najoke”Lady Cries After Finding Out That The Guy She Rejected Has Married Another girl

This serves as a classic illustration of the well-known Akan proverb ‘Konongo Kaya.’ A young woman finds herself heartbroken upon discovering that the man who previously pursued her ardently and sought to win her affection has moved on to marry another woman.

Evidently, the lady harbored feelings for the man but adopted a strategy of playing hard to get, which unfortunately did not lead to a favorable outcome. In a video that has gained traction, the distraught woman can be seen shedding tears as she processes the news of the man’s marital status.

Reports suggest that the heartbroken lady stumbled upon wedding photographs of her prospective suitor on her phone, prompting a surge of disbelief and sorrow.

This incident has ignited a discourse in the comment section, with some expressing support for the man’s decision, while others assert that he never genuinely loved her.

Various social media users have shared their perspectives on the matter. @sire___kezzy27 remarked, “Let him wait for you, let him pursue you. Not every man has the time to chase a woman. Some men pursue financial success and still chase after women. If he asked you out, and you declined, the one who agreed to date him is now his spouse.”

@isyourboy_micklef commented, “Even if you agree, if he doesn’t see a reason to marry you, he won’t. There’s a distinction between being a girlfriend and being wife material. You might encounter a calm girl who provides comfort and love but lacks qualities for marriage. Saying no from the start indicates you can’t love him wholeheartedly. No girl rejects a guy she truly loves. Anyway, sorry.”

@youngest_d_love opined, “Why do girls engage in such behavior, wanting to be pursued endlessly? In most cases, guys who are not serious will persist in chasing. Genuine ones often cease pursuing for valid reasons.”

@kofiarabmoneygmb stated, “Good for you. Next time, refrain from judging a book by its cover; instead, give him a chance.”

@always_connects sarcastically commented, “Look at your life, boasting too much. ODI NEXT YEAR.”

@wonderboyodc shared a personal anecdote, saying, “He should have waited for ten years. A girl did that to me until I traveled. When I returned, she assumed I was still the same old me. My new girlfriend found me at home, and I sent her to buy drinks. She returned, handed me the drinks, glanced at me, and went to her house. The next moment, she texted me, expressing unforgettable feelings about what I did to her.”