“Nilianza kuvuta bangi class 5″ – Kabi wa Jesus narrates how he was introduced to drugs

Content creator Kabi wa Jesus recently shared his past struggles, revealing how he was introduced to smoking bhang during his primary school years. This revelation sheds light on a significant chapter in his life.

In an attempt to fit in with his peers, Kabi succumbed to the influence of his friends, unaware of the consequences that awaited him. He had no idea that this seemingly harmless decision would lead to something much more sinister, as he would soon find out.

Kabi recounted that during his time in class 5, he was introduced to smoking weed. This decision was primarily driven by his desire to belong and maintain his friendships. However, he soon discovered that this was just the beginning of his journey into a notorious gang.

To make matters worse, Kabi was informed about an impending initiation ceremony, one that involved circumcision as a rite of passage to become a part of this gang. This disturbing plan would have required him to convince his parents to allow him to undergo the procedure in class 6. Fortunately, this plan never came to fruition, and Kabi expressed gratitude for this.

At one point, Kabi’s life took a dark turn when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. Doctors advised him to quit smoking, and for a brief period, he managed to abstain. However, the grip of addiction proved to be strong, and he eventually returned to his old habits.

Realizing that he could not overcome his addiction alone, Kabi turned to a higher power for help. On September 15, 2013, he found salvation and became born again. To his surprise, the moment he accepted Jesus as his savior, the urge to smoke vanished.

Kabi also took another important step in his journey to recovery. He had heartfelt conversations with his past demons, confronting them head-on and declaring, “I will smoke or drink you no more, I am now born again!” This act of testimony and faith proved to be a powerful weapon in his fight against addiction.

Kabi’s story serves as a testament to the transformative power of faith and the strength that can be found in seeking help and acknowledging one’s struggles. His journey from a troubled past to a born-again believer is an inspiring example of personal growth and redemption.