Nikita Love: Wuod Fibi Isn’t in My Class; He’s Just a Form 4 Dropout

Nikita Love, the former wife of the esteemed Ohangla producer Wuod Fibi, has voiced her strong objections, accusing her ex-partner of besmirching her reputation and hurling insults at her on social media.

Her outcry follows Wuod Fibi’s public narrative of their whirlwind romance and swift marriage, despite the intricacies of their backgrounds.

Their tale commences in 2016, when a mutual friend from Sweden facilitated their introduction. This friend, sadly departed, played a pivotal role in forging their connection. Initially known as Nyangi Akoth, Wuod Fibi affectionately dubbed her Nikita Love. Following their initial encounter, Nikita followed him on Facebook, fostering a rapid bond. Despite Nikita’s eventual return to Sweden, their connection endured.

Upon her return in November, they hastily decided to marry, orchestrating the entire wedding within a week. Wuod Fibi emphasized the sacrifices entailed in marrying Nikita, who already had four children from a previous relationship, asserting his wholehearted acceptance of her children.

“I took the cows on Monday, and by Saturday, we were married,” he recounted, underscoring the expeditious yet committed nature of their union.

Nevertheless, Nikita has vehemently contested Wuod Fibi’s portrayal, asserting that he, whom she contends is not of her social caliber, exhibited inappropriate behavior by featuring their children on social media without her consent.

“He never embraced my children as his own. I was solely responsible for their upbringing, and he provided no support whatsoever. He has no entitlement to showcase my children, and I have refrained from discussing his own,” Nikita asserted. She further lamented Wuod Fibi’s reluctance to pursue further education despite her encouragement, citing his refusal to advance beyond secondary school.

She concluded by expressing gratitude that she did not bear children with Wuod Fibi, fearing the potential exacerbation of the situation.