“Nikichoka Huwa Nakaa Tu hapa kwa Coffin nikipumuzika”,Kenyan Lady Says

At times, the unconventional behaviors of Kenyans can be quite perplexing. In Kenya, where numerous dramatic events unfold against the backdrop of a challenging economy, the online realm serves as a peculiar haven for enthusiasts. A recent viral video circulating widely, particularly on platforms like TikTok, captured the attention of many. In this footage, a Kenyan woman is observed leisurely enjoying herself within the confines of a coffin.

In the video, she appears entirely at ease, engrossed in her phone amidst the unconventional setting of a coffin. Her nonchalant demeanor suggests that, for her, this is merely a routine or perhaps a daily ritual. The calmness with which she conducts herself contrasts sharply with the reactions of onlookers, especially within the Kenyan online community.

For many Kenyans, the act of reclining in a coffin is perceived as highly unusual and carries ominous connotations. Since coffins are traditionally associated with death, a substantial number of viewers expressed their disapproval in the comments section, some even going so far as to voice ominous predictions about her fate.

The video paints a picture of the woman in a seemingly mundane activity, casually browsing her phone as if in a leisurely setting. This peculiar behavior, however, is not entirely unprecedented. Another woman had previously engaged in a similar act, explaining that she was promoting her coffin business. This leads to speculation that the recent video might also be a marketing stunt, considering that in reality, many people harbor a deep-seated fear of coffins due to their association with mortality.