“Nidunge Mimba ingine Nataka pesa,” Amber Ray begs Kennedy Rapudo

Kenyan socialite Amber Ray and her husband, Kennedy Rapudo, are undeniably one of Kenya’s most prominent celebrity couples, unreservedly displaying their affection for one another in the public eye.

Recently, the socialite disclosed her eagerness to expand their family by announcing her readiness for another pregnancy. She shared a throwback photo of herself during a previous pregnancy, reminiscing about that time.

In an unexpected twist, Amber Ray took the initiative to inform her husband, Kennedy Rapudo, of her desire to bless him with twins, humorously stating, “Almost six months now from giving birth to @africanahrapudo 😇 Kennedy Rapudo, I think my uterus is ready now for twins 🤣 the ball is in your court 😜.”

Amber Ray and Kennedy Rapudo once again attracted attention on social media when they showcased their extravagant shopping spree, totaling Ksh. 158,418.64, at a time when many Kenyans are grappling with the high cost of living.

The couple, seen in a video captured by Public News, proudly stood beside three fully loaded shopping trolleys in a supermarket. The cashier handed Amber Ray the receipt, and she couldn’t contain her joy as she displayed the lengthy payment receipt, revealing the substantial amount spent.

Amidst her husband’s beaming smile, Amber Ray couldn’t resist boasting about her marriage to a wealthy man, exclaiming, “Nakwambia kuolewa na tajiri…wee..kuolewa na mwanaume Ako na pesa nakwambia” (I’m telling you, marrying a rich man… you… marrying a man with money, I’m telling you).

Kennedy Rapudo, a young and ambitious man, works as a researcher with AMREF and is an established businessman with a net worth of approximately Ksh. 50 million. His relationship with socialite Amber Ray propelled him into the spotlight, and the couple continues to flaunt their lavish lifestyle on social media.