“Nichezee, Mimi ni wako wote,” Zuchu Tells Diamond Platnumz

Recently, Zuchu, the Tanzanian singer, openly shared her lack of concern regarding the possibility of her boss, Diamond Platnumz, being unfaithful to her.

During a performance at Ruangwa as part of the ongoing Wasafi Festival, the talented Sukari artist expressed her love for the Bongo Star. The interaction unfolded when Diamond admitted to being captivated by Zuchu’s slender waist, leading to playful moments as he embraced her from behind, eliciting enthusiastic reactions from the audience.

Zuchu responded to Diamond’s affectionate declaration by assuring him, saying, “Ohh Simba, don’t worry; my love for you from Ugunja is unwavering. I promise not to let it leak. They say it’s a wasp, let them talk; let him play with me, I belong to him entirely.”

Amidst the crowd’s excitement, Diamond Platnumz questioned whether he truly deserved the reputation of being a heartbreaker. He emphasized that people were unfairly portraying him negatively to Zuchu. The pair continued to entertain the audience with a performance of their popular song, “Mtasubiri.”

In a previous revelation, the affectionate couple openly shared details about their past relationships. Zuchu, a signee of WCB, confessed that she had only been romantically involved with one man in her life, and that man is Diamond himself. She proudly declared, “Only one. Exclusively his. No one else. Do you know who my boyfriend is? In this industry, he’s my one and only,” during an interview with a Wasafi presenter who visited their hotel room.

Similarly, Diamond Platnumz affirmed that Zuchu is the sole woman he has been in a relationship with, reinforcing the exclusivity and commitment they share.