Ex-Mt Kenya MP now sells liquor in Wines & Spirits kiosk after losing seat in 2017
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Ni Kubaya ,Ex-Mt Kenya MP now sells liquor in Wines & Spirits kiosk after losing seat in 2017

Maragua former MP Peter Kamande Wambuku has been operating and distributing wine and spirit at his area in Ciumbu town, Makuyu Murang’a county.

Kamande Wa Mbuku (Kamande of Rabbits) as he is known by his constituents was first elected for parliament in 2002 and later in 2013 where later lost to Wamaua.

Left with no alternative, the former MP turned to selling wine and spirits in Kenol town where he would distribute to Kabati, Saba, Kaharati and Makuyu.

The opposition from established dealers saw him shut down his shop at Kenol town and moved it to Ciumbu town close to his small hotel and butchery.

A few solid sources have revealed that the MP hasn’t been doing admirably well following the closure of his recently built school because of COVID-19.

The sources additionally revealed that, in contrast to different parliamentarians, the former MP didn’t migrate to posh Nairobi environs and was constantly seen in the village.

“MP never spent a night in Nairobi as we could always spot him at Kenol on his way to his Ciumbu home, “ a source disclosed.

They claimed he prefers living basic and that he lost the parliamentary seat to former MP Elias Mbau in 2017, he moved to Mombasa (saba saba region) where he was purportedly employed as a Lorry driver.

It’s accounted for that Maragua tycoons who weren’t content with Mbau’s initiative requested that he vie and sponsored his campaign in 2013 however in 2017, the MP wasn’t fortunate as he was floored during Jubilee nominations.

To rescue his political profession, Wambuku has since joined hands with ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi and was appointed as ANC party leader in Murang’a County.