Nga’nga’lito: Profile Of The Biggest Star From Nakuru And What He Has Been Upto

Benard Ng’ang’a, popularly known as Nga’nga’lito, rose to fame after his participation in the renowned singing competition Tusker Project Fame (TPF).

Although he didn’t emerge as the winner, Nga’nga’lito left a lasting impression on the audience with his captivating performances and melodious voice.

After the show, Nga’nga’lito seemed to have veered away from the music industry and pursued other endeavors outside of entertainment.

Born and raised in Lanet, Nakuru County, Nga’nga’lito discovered his singing talent while in high school. Before joining Tusker Project Fame, he was reported to have worked as a construction worker and later as a mechanic.

Despite not winning the grand prize of Ksh 5 million, Nga’nga’lito expressed his lack of bitterness about the loss. He humbly acknowledged that he couldn’t be everyone’s favorite and understood that winning every competition was not guaranteed. In an interview on Citizen TV, his father, David Maranda, expressed his confidence in Nga’nga’lito’s success throughout the contest. He mentioned the mix of encouragement and criticism they received but mentioned that they remained supportive and prayerful.

Nga’nga’lito’s mother, Nelly Wambui, shared the same sentiments as his father. She mentioned the heartbreak she experienced when people, including his peers, women, and even older men, made negative comments about her son.

After his elimination from the singing competition, Nga’nga’lito released an album titled “Zawadi” and engaged in various projects before eventually going quiet. He also ventured into the media industry, working as an assistant producer for a breakfast show at a local TV station. In addition to his work, Nga’nga’lito dedicated a significant amount of time to his family.

During a 2013 interview, Nga’nga’lito revealed his involvement in the entertainment industry beyond music. He owned pubs in Nairobi and Nakuru, including a notable one named ‘Karma’ in Ongata Rongai. He also owned land in Nakuru, where he occasionally engaged in farming. However, he humbly emphasized that he was still a hustler like everyone else and didn’t possess extensive investments across Kenya.

According to a report on Opera News, Nga’nga’lito also managed a beauty parlor located in Dagoretti Corner within Nairobi County.

Furthermore, Nga’nga’lito is happily married and has a daughter. While he prefers to keep his private life secretive, he acknowledged his marriage to his longtime girlfriend, whom he had been dating since Form Two.