National Transport and Safety Authority Urges Drivers To Be Careful As Heavy Rains Cause Flooding

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) is emphasizing the importance of caution for drivers amidst ongoing heavy rains causing widespread disruptions throughout the country.

Authorities have highlighted the potential dangers posed by the torrential rains in many parts of the nation, particularly for those traveling.

Samuel Musumba, the NTSA Road Safety Manager and Head of Strategies, has issued a plea to motorists, advising them to steer clear of flooded roads.

“In light of the ongoing extreme weather conditions affecting various regions of the country, the incessant rainfall has led to numerous challenges, including substantial damage to roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. This poses significant risks to drivers, heightening the likelihood of road accidents and incidents. We are deeply concerned about the safety of all road users during this period, including motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists,” Musumba remarked.

Reports indicate that since the commencement of the March-May storms, over 188 individuals have been rescued, with extensive swaths of land submerged, substantial livestock losses, and 23 counties affected.

The Kenya Meteorological Department has forecasted continued rainfall across various parts of the country over the next seven days.

David Gikungu, director of the meteorological department, cautioned that flooding is expected, particularly in low-lying areas, floodplains, and urban regions with inadequate drainage systems. He advised road users to exercise extreme vigilance due to anticipated reduced visibility amid heavy rainfall.