” Nataka Mimba Yake tuu, mtoto nitalea” A Woman Begs Krg To Make Her Pregnant.

A Kenyan lady identified as Claris joined the long list of ladies who have been having a crush, on Kenyan dancehall artist Krg the Don. Apart from being a millionaire, the good looks of Krg , have been making many women to just fall in love with him.

Speaking in an interview with Vincent Mboya, Claris said that she has been salivating at Krg The Don for a long time. He is a man of her dreams and right now what she only wants from him is just a baby.

A woman ready to get pregnant for Krg The Don
A woman ready to get pregnant for Krg The Don

Claris said publicly that she is ready to get  pregnant for Krg The Don. She said that she doesn’t even want Krg to be her husband, the only thing she wants from him is sperms only.She said that Krg has handsome babies and it is her dream to carry a baby for him, because she automatically knows that the baby will be cute.

In the middle of the interview, Vincent Mboya, was forced to call Krg live on Camera. Krg was shocked to hear what Claris was requesting from him. He said that he is not ready to be a father again.

In addition to that Krg said that his children are born when rich. So he told Claris that can’t happen. Claris defended herself by saying that she is also rich and capable of providing for the child an expensive lifestyle, but Krg said that, he won’t give in, he already have enough children.

The two had a smooth conversation, and Krg told her that he will ask his girlfriend, if she can allow him to meet her , but having a child with her is where he draws the line.