“Natafuta Mtoto,” Akothee reveals she has up to July to Conceive

Kenyan singer Esther Akoth, widely known as Akothee, recently tied the knot with Omosh in a vibrant and joyous wedding ceremony. The event was graced by numerous celebrities and politicians, making it a truly memorable occasion.

However, shortly after their marriage, concerns arose among Kenyans when Akothee’s husband seemingly disappeared from social media. Fans eagerly awaited honeymoon pictures, with speculations arising that their marriage had met a tragic end.

Addressing these concerns in her latest post, Akothee revealed that her husband had returned to work after taking a two-week break. She emphasized that a wedding is merely the beginning of a shared journey, allowing the couple to better understand each other. In a playful tone, she expressed doubt about having another wedding as beautiful as this one, implying that each future celebration would possess its unique charm. Akothee humorously mentioned that they had yet to open their wedding gifts, indicating the whirlwind nature of their lives.

In a surprising revelation, Akothee shared her plan to conceive a child before July of this year. As a mother of five, she disclosed that her doctor had cautioned her about potential difficulties in conceiving. Determined to overcome these challenges, she decided to prioritize her love life and put everything else on hold until she achieves her goal. The artist acknowledged the lack of time for a honeymoon and expressed frustration at the passing days, realizing that the year was swiftly progressing. However, she remained optimistic, albeit with a hint of humor, acknowledging the potential stress she was experiencing.

Akothee concluded her announcement by declaring her intention to take a break from everything, including social media, in order to focus on the process of trying to conceive. She expressed her desire to become a mother this year and humorously remarked that she would return to other matters once she found her second-to-last-born baby.

Overall, Akothee’s recent updates showcase her commitment to her marriage, her determination to start a family, and her humorous outlook on life’s twists and turns.