“Napenda Wanaume Wakonde Wanajua MECHI” Brian Chira Openly Admits(Video)

Brian Chira, the controversial TikTok sensation, made a surprising admission during a live session on TikTok. In a seemingly intoxicated state, Chira openly declared his preference for slim men, expressing his desire for their company. He stated, “Mi napenda wanaume wakonde kama nonsense. Baba T naona mtado enjoy yes that’s what I want. Ati nisichome, si akuje hapa Baba T, call him tupambane hapa kwa mtandao,” while participants in the live session cautioned him against showing disrespect to Baba Talisha, a well-known photographer and TikToker who had supported him during a difficult time.

Chira’s announcement about his attraction to slim men has come just two months after he publicly stated that he is not gay. In a rapid-fire interview with Mpasho, Chira addressed a common misconception about him. When asked, “What is a common misconception about you?” he responded, “That I am gay,” and when questioned further, he affirmed, “No.”

Furthermore, during an interview with comedian Oga Obinna in August, the TikToker and Kabarak University student shed light on his sexuality. He explained that he portrays himself as gay because it aligns with the type of content that Kenyan audiences are interested in consuming. Chira emphasized his straight orientation, stating, “Yes, I am straight. Why would Eric Omondi put on a dress, and that would be okay? I am very straight, put it on record. It’s just content. Since that’s what Kenyans want to consume, I’m going to provide it to them,” and he also disclosed that he is not currently in a romantic relationship.