“Napenda mat*ko yako”: Samidoh showers Karen Nyamu with love in latest video

After the release of a video capturing Karen Nyamu cuddling with her baby’s father, Samidoh, speculation and discussions quickly spread among viewers.

In the video, Nyamu blushed while Samidoh serenaded her with a popular gospel song, which he customized to express his affection as a father of five children.

Samidoh’s lyrics, infused with admiration for Nyamu’s physical attributes, focused on his desire to be in her presence, hoping for special treats. Before making any physical contact, he playfully inquired about Nyamu’s ability to handle certain objects.

Amidst their interaction, Samidoh flashed a mischievous smile and nestled against Nyamu’s chest. However, Nyamu later decided to remove the video from her TikTok account.

Reports suggest that the video was recorded over a year ago.

Here are some comments from Kenyan viewers:

Angilaoluoch: Samidoh’s wife must be incredibly strong.

Litialove: Their chemistry surpasses that of other relationships. Sharing is caring.

Bryoshavin: This love seems like a cult now.

Dottie Muna: The video was heartwarming. It seems like he found the love of his life.

Lydiawanjiru.kes: Love and conflict appear to be the only language these two understand.

Brian Gambi: Welcome to Kenya, where love can be found even after getting married.

James Nding’uri: It’s evident that you two were destined for each other. Your love knows no bounds.