Nanyuki: Gang of thieves caught red-handed stealing from a supermarket

Businessmen in Nanyuki town were living in fear since there was a gang of thieves that was stealing from their shops almost on a daily basis and the police were reluctant to find them. Each and every day, there was a new case of theft and the entrepreneurs were even considering to close down their shops due to the losses they were making.

However, three days ago, they were surprised to find three thieves stuck to the ground of a supermarket with good in their hands. The thieves had broken into that supermarket at around 2am and after stealing the goods, they got stuck to the floor while walking out and they could not move any longer. They were so scared because they knew they their 40th day had come.

They were stuck on the ground for around four hours, and in the morning, people came to spectate at them while waiting for the owner of the retailer so that he could explain how he had managed to catch the thieves red-handed. When he came and found the crowd gathered at his supermarket looking at the thieves who were crying because of fatigue, the supermarket owner just laughed at the robbers.

People asked him how he had secured his business from the gang. He told them he had sought Doctor Mugwenu’s protective spells after he saw how the gang had stolen from other shops in Nanyuki. He said the spell secured his retailer and that was why the gang could not leave his shop with his goods.

The thieves were unstuck from the ground and the crowd clobbered them for terrorizing them and their businesses for months and later the police were called to arrest them. Later, everyone asked Doctor Mugwenu for the protective spell to cover their business.

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