Nakumiss Mtu Wangu, Rashid Abdalla Publicly Opens Up On Missing Lulu Hassan

Renowned celebrity couple Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla have once again captured the attention of their fans with their recent statements shared on social media. The couple, who are widely followed on various social media platforms, serve as role models for many individuals aspiring to have a similar relationship.

In their latest social media posts, the couple expressed how much they missed each other’s company, prompting different reactions from netizens. Some people questioned why they would miss each other if they were living together as a couple under the same roof. However, it became clear from their statements that they were physically separated, possibly due to professional commitments in different locations.

The discussion started when Rashid Abdalla shared a photo on his Instagram page, sparking conversations among netizens, including his wife, who also commented on the post. Lulu Hassan appeared in the comment section, expressing her love for Rashid, and Rashid reciprocated by confessing how much he missed her. However, Lulu Hassan did not take the conversation any further and did not respond to the comment.

Rashid Abdalla’s comment, “Nakumiss mtu wangu” (I miss my dear), attracted more attention on social media, with some users expressing curiosity about Lulu Hassan’s whereabouts and why they were missing each other despite being a couple living together.

As one of Kenya’s most celebrated celebrity couples, Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla serve as an inspiration for many. Their enduring relationship, in an industry often plagued by scandal and breakups, is truly unique.