Nairobi: Two Men Arrested For Stealing Power Lines In Parliament.

Two middle aged men have confessed to being the masterminds of an electricity power line syndicate.

The two identified as Kuria Mwangi and Nicolas Mungai are said to have been arrested on Thursday afternoon, July 8.

Appearing in court before Judge Sharon Maroro, they admitted to stealing the power lines transmitting electricity power to Parliament Buildings along the Uhuru Highway, Nairobi.

The duo had stole lines worth Ksh 60,000 and were caught by Kenya power staff on July 3 after cutting over 20 meters of lines.

A pick-ax, three tongs and a hacksaw were recovered at the scene of crime.

The two however pleaded with the court for a lighter sentence since they did not intend to but were pushed by the hard economic times.

The court ordered the two to be detained for 7 days till July 14 when their case will be heard again.