Nairobi Business lady explains how she won a lottery that changed her life. -

Nairobi Business lady explains how she won a lottery that changed her life.

Hello world, am Nancy, a business lady owning mega telecommunication and IT based services companies in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.

Am a single lady and a mother of two lovely daughters.My husband left me when he learned that I was pregnant and about to get a second child and he was not ready.

He left me and dumped me. I suffered a lot with my children.My husband’s relatives despised me hence I had to go back home. I started hustling and gained enough capital to start a small kiosk in Nairobi.It was then that I came to learn of Dr Kiwanga from a friend.

My friend told me that Dr Kiwanga has been helping many people solve different problems.

I contacted Dr Kiwanga who advised me to try any lottery game and that he would give me correct predictions.

I played a lottery game that involved matching numbers and I did so, all 10 numbers correctly as given by Dr Kiwanga. I won Ksh. 10000000 which I used as capital to start business and that is how my life changed.

Thanks to Dr Kiwanga.

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