Mzungu Weds Herself After Failing To Meet ‘Mr Right’ For over 20 Years

Sarah Wilkinson, a 42-year-old woman who had diligently saved for two decades to realize her wedding dreams, decided to take matters into her own hands when she couldn’t find the right life partner.

According to the BBC, she meticulously planned her own wedding ceremony at Harvest House in Felixstowe, Suffolk, with a close friend officiating as the celebrant. While the ceremony lacked legal recognition, it held immense personal significance for Wilkinson, who relished the experience of being the center of attention for the day.

On September 30, the memorable ceremony brought together 40 of her dearest family and friends. Later that evening, an additional 40 people gathered across the street at the tennis club to celebrate with her.

Reportedly, Sarah poured more than £10,000 (equivalent to Ksh.1.8 million) into the event, a sum she had diligently saved over a 20-year period, setting aside a portion of her income each month and any unexpected windfalls.

Sarah had always dreamed of her wedding, but after an extended search for the perfect life partner proved fruitless, she decided to use the money she had carefully set aside for this momentous occasion. As she put it, “Why should I be denied the same joy as everyone else just because I couldn’t find a suitable partner?”

Notably, Wilkinson penned 14 vows to herself, with her first promise being to never relinquish control of the TV remote. Her inspiration to organize the wedding ceremony came to her when she turned forty during the lockdown and treated herself to the diamond engagement ring she had long desired.

Walking down the aisle, Sarah was accompanied by her mother, and the ceremony featured a grand multi-tiered cake adorned with a figurine of a bride kissing a frog. Sarah graced the occasion in a traditional white sequin gown, making her dream wedding come to life.