Mzungu man who dumped his Russian wife for Kenyan Kikuyu lady now working at Mjengo site after going broke

A Mzungu man, formerly holding a lucrative medical position in Russia, now finds himself in dire straits in Kenya following his divorce from his Russian spouse and subsequent marriage to a Kikuyu woman.

Sharing his poignant narrative with Afrimax English, the destitute individual, identified as Alexander, revealed his past tenure as a pediatrician in Russia, earning a monthly salary ranging from $3000 to $4500 over a span of 23 years.

“My life was flourishing, adorned with markers of success, yet an emptiness lingered until I met my first wife, a Russian. We exchanged vows and relished a harmonious bond,” he recounted.

However, discord arose between Alexander and his spouse, leading to their estrangement.

In a bid to combat the despair stemming from the divorce, he embarked on a journey spanning various corners of the globe in search of solace.

His odyssey eventually brought him to various parts of Africa.

“While in Kenya, I encountered a local woman and was immediately captivated by her,” he recalled.

As their affection deepened, Alexander recognized the woman as a potential life partner, and they eventually wed, welcoming their first child while residing in Russia.

Subsequently, Alexander made the decision to liquidate his assets in Russia and embark on a new chapter in Kenya.

“We sold all our possessions and relocated to Kenya. The proceeds from our sales were substantial, alleviating any immediate financial concerns,” Alexander recounted.

As they embarked on their venture to establish a new life in Kenya, his wife harbored differing intentions, opting to invest their amassed funds differently.

“We purchased 500 chickens, 20 pigs, and 20 goats. I felt reassured, having left my previous occupation to pursue this venture,” Alexander asserted.

He alleges that their fortunes quickly soured following the establishment of their enterprise, which encountered significant setbacks.

“We also acquired a sizable parcel of land on which we erected a substantial residence. Witnessing the mounting losses, I was consumed by self-reproach,” he continued.

He expresses remorse over the decisions made, particularly as his circumstances worsened when his wife’s behavior turned adversarial.

The individual maintains that he divorced his wife, only later discovering that she had deceived him and liquidated his assets.

Presently, he ekes out a living at a construction site as he navigates life in poverty.