My Wife went to Qatar for a job but cheated on me with an Arab man

My name is Brian and one year ago, I was fired from my job and that situation plunged my family into a financial crisis. The situation was so bad that for two consecutive days we slept hungry for lack of food.

My wife and I had three children all who were in primary school and even getting school fees for them became such a huge hurdle. Because of our financial crisis, my wife decided to try out a job in Qatar after a friend of hers told her that she could earn good money while in that country. The pandemic, combined with a racial reckoning, weighs heavily on Black  men's mental health | CBC News

I was against her going outside the country to be a house help in an Arab nation since I heard of how unsafe the region was especially for women and Christians. However, I did not have a job and my family was in a huge financial crisis.

“Hubby, I have to go because our family is greatly suffering. I will earn some good money in two years then I will come back,” my wife said when I asked her not go.

Truthfully, it was important for her to go since all my efforts to get a job had not borne any fruit and so, we raise some cash through loans from friends and family and she set off to Qatar. Luckily, she got the job within few days after moving into the Arab country.

A month after she started her new job, she sent me some money to offset some loans. We would talk almost everyday where she would tell me how much she missed me. I missed her so much but I was glad she had taken the great sacrifice to pull our family out of the poverty it was in.

However, three months later, my wife’s behavior started changing. She stopped calling or even texting and would even go for a week without asking about us. Things got worse when I saw her post an intimate photo of herself and an Arab man. She had captioned the picture ‘my love’.

I did not believe it. I further tried calling her to ask her about the photo but she did not answer my calls. Things got worse after she sent a message on WhatsApp telling me she would not ever come back to our home since her Arab man was about to marry her. Self Worth And Money: The Dilemma Of Mental Health For Black Men

I felt so broken. I could not believe my wife was betraying me and our children for an Arab man. I tried begging her to reconsider her decision but looks like she was already deeply in love with the guy and had made up her decision.

I could not give up on my wife like that, I decided to ask for advice from my mother-in-law who after talking to her she asked me to use Doctor Mugwenu’s spell casting powers in order to get my wife back. She sent me his and I called him.

After calling him, he indeed assured me that he could help. I met him the next day and after which he sent some plagues to my wife so as to make her come back to her senses through his spells. He further assured me that his casting powers worked speedily.

After two days, my wife gave me a call and told me that her breasts had grown so huge and painful and that his Arab guy’s machine had failed to perform. She was into much pain and further begged me to forgive her.

I asked her not to think of any man if she did not want any bad thing happening to her. I forgave her and till date, she is still in Qatar and we have communicating daily.  I thank Doctor Mugwenu for saving my marriage.

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