My Wife Told Gym Instructor, “Oh yes Baby you are so Sweet” When I Turned, I Could Not Believe What I Saw

My Wife Told Gym Instructor, “Oh yes Baby you are so Sweet” When I Turned, I Could Not Believe What I Saw.

I don’t like getting mad but whenever I am angry, I would try to control my temper because I could cause much destruction.

I met my wife late last year at a party in Nairobi and after we exchanged numbers we started having phone interactions and later started going out every weekend.

One thing led to another and she started coming to my home, did some cleaning, put everything in order and spent the night before she left the following morning.

Over time, we got used to each other and we decided to get married.

A year later, we got our first born. Ooh so fast! I leave home early in the morning when she is still in bed and back home late in the evening so most of the time I don’t get to know how she has been doing all day.

Ever since she got a job I started to notice a negative attitude in her towards me, she became rude and anytime I tried to send her for anything, she would refuse and tell me that she was not my slave.

Further, the parties we went together no longer happened as she would leave alone. Her behavior got worse as time moved by.

I later came to learn that she was in another relationship and everyday my wife would pretend to be going out for a work-out at a gym, but only to end up having sex after the session- a friend informed me about this and even gave me photos he had taken privately.

Disappointed, I wanted to get her read-handed so one day after work I went straight at the gym late in the evening, everyone had left.

When I moved inside the building, I heard voices of people talking in low tones inside a locked room, I moved next to the door and heard Sheila say “Oh baby you are so sweet” I broke into the room only to find the two having hot sex, I confronted the man but since he was strong he outweighed me, my wife took to her heels.

When I got home the same night. She had packed her belongings and left.

She left a note behind saying she got a better man; I was left stressed not knowing what to do next.

When I regained composure, I contacted Kiwanga Doctors who at one point had helped me recover my lost car.

I explained everything and the doctor gave me an assurance that all will be okay.

A few days later, I got a call from my wife apologizing and that she wished to come back, she was experiencing trouble in her knew marriage, she told me that someone attacked them in their bedroom at night armed with a knife, when they confronted him he disappeared into thin air.

The gym instructor also apologized and asked me to pick my wife.

I have my wife back.

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