'My ex-wife left me for a fellow woman, - Mugithi star Eddie Gathenge narrates

‘My wife left me for a fellow woman, – Mugithi star Eddie Gathenge narrates

Kikuyu artiste Eddie Gathenge has narrated how his bae left him for a lady.

Talking during an interview with Ala C, the dad of one shared,

“I was in this relationship with this woman. She kept telling me ‘Aki Eddie I don’t have another man ni wewe tu’ what I did not know is that there was another woman in the picture.”

He added, “She left me for another woman. Inauma but inabidi tuzoee.”

Asked on what could have made his bae leave, he said,

“In life there are different types of people, maybe she was just going through something.”

To console his heart Eddie created a song named ‘Nindarwarire’ signifying ‘I became sick.’

In the tune he asks his now ex-bae to come back and have her affair as he watched rather than go away and hurt him in the process.

Partly the lyrics say,

‘Love is a bad thing it makes one sick and weak. I ask myself what I did wrong to make you leave me and get married to another woman. I know that my love cannot work on you now but please come back even if you will come back with her.

It continues,

“Come back so that I can remind myself of the love that used to reign in my heart. When we got married Njeri used to come to our house, I would see how happy you guys were and I thought it was normal.”

Eddie has since married and has a daughter named Tatiana.

‘I met my wife during a birthday party then later in Kirinyaga.’