My Wife Had CHEATED With My Best Friend. -

My Wife Had CHEATED With My Best Friend.

My Wife, I have been working here for about a year now and I could always tell by the way he would talk to her(Stacie) that he was possibly attracted to her but I was never sure.

He’s(Bobby) probably 5’6”, very black and muscular. He would also always do things that grabbed her attention like bend over in front of her or hugging her from behind when they are the only people left at work, and at times holding her hand whenever they were leaving work.

I managed to get one of their workmates Sharon (Not real name) to report to me.I was talking to Sharon and this is what she told me. Sharon usually goes into the women’s locker room after work to clean it up and shower and Bobby usually leaves before she’s done.

Last night we were running slow so Bobby was still there before Stacie went into the locker room and Bobby saw her when she went in.She was in there for about 5 minutes when Bobby sees her head poke out from the locker room and she asks Bobby to bring in a water jug to replace the water because they’re too heavy for her to carry as they’re the 5-gallon water jugs.

Bobby walks into the back where they keep the jugs and grabs one and brings it into the locker room. As Bobby is replacing the water jug, Stacie comes around the corner from where the lockers are in only a towel and tells Bobby “thank you for replacing it.”

Right after she says that she goes to fill up a cup of water and accidentally drops her towel right in front of him and he saw everything.

Sharon went on to say that Bobby wouldn’t help but get hard and she noticed.She asked Bobby if he had a boner and he couldn’t say anything because he was pretty nervous.

After stuttering for 10 seconds he managed to get to say “yyyea” and then she started to come towards him still naked and grabbed his belt buckle.

She leans into his lips and they started to make out as she took off his belt. Not even 15 seconds into making out she had his belt off and his pants down and was sucking his cock in the middle of the locker room.

She gave Bobby a blowjob for about 5 minutes then told him she wanted them to fuck. She stood up took Bobby’s shirt off, grabbed his hand, and took him into the shower where she immediately leaned up against the wall with Bobby following and then they shut the shower room curtain.

Sharon went on to tell me the story as we were seated in the car but my seat kept becominghotter and the heat in the car kept rising despite the cold ac in the car.

This was because of the discomfort and disbelief I was in. I couldn’t take it. It was unbelievable as to why my wife would start sleeping around with my best friend.

And to my best friend, I couldn’t believe that he was so easy to be compromised by her demands. I felt betrayed. At this moment, I told Sharon to escort me to town, we got a lodge and she easily gave in to my demands.

I did this as payback but still felt a fit of deep anger within me as if I hadn’t gotten my revenge.The day ended gracefully and we both returned home.

However, I needed more evidence as I couldn’t accuse her basing on just Sharon’s words. I come from a strict Catholic background and divorce isn’t an option you think of unless otherwise.

Sharon told me that if I didn’t believe her, she had another way to prove it. She told me to call Kiwanga doctors and gave me their number and asked me to call at my convenience.

When I got home, I called Kiwanga doctors and elaborated on my ordeal. They said they would do a spell so that the next time they have intercourse they get stuck.

I agreed and the spell was done. I was told to wait till the spell had worked and I would know for sure. It was the weekend now and Stacie told me she wanted to do some shopping for groceries in the market.

“No problem” I replied and soon she was out of the door.I stayed home as I had a premier league match to watch that evening.

Stacie took long to return and had to order at a nearby restaurant for lunch. I had my humble lunch and lay on my sofa waiting for the match to start.No sooner had the match begun than I got a phone call from Sharon saying Stacie andBobby needed my help and should rush to the guest house soon.

On entering there, I found many people at the entrance who had come to see the two love birds stuck.

Finally, the spell had worked. However, I told Stacie that we had to agree on the terms before calling the Doctors to undo the spell which she agreed.

The doctors came and undid the spell and they were left to walk freely.

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