My son ate all my 10-years gulf savings money, now I beg for rent and food

Immaculate Njeri, recently back from more than a decade of living and working in the Gulf, had high hopes of realizing her dreams upon returning to Kenya. Envisioning a comfortable life with her two sons, she planned to invest her hard-earned Sh. 100,000 in buying a plot, constructing a beautiful house, and securing a prosperous future for her family. As a single mother working tirelessly abroad, she believed her sacrifices would pay off upon her return.

However, fate had different plans. Despite years of hard work and dedication, Njeri’s dreams were shattered upon her return. To her dismay, she discovered that her son, Raphael, had squandered all the money she had diligently earned over the past 10 years in the Gulf.

Reflecting on her journey, Njeri remembered leaving Kenya in 2013 during a challenging time for the family. She entrusted her eldest son, Raphael, with her earnings while she worked in Dubai for two years, then later in Bahrain for three years, and finally in Qatar for another three years. Throughout this time, Njeri diligently sent money to Raphael, believing in his ability to manage their affairs responsibly.

Returning in September 2021 with the anticipation of finding financial stability, Njeri was met with shock and disappointment. Raphael had taken all her savings, leaving her with nothing. Despite her meticulous planning and hard work, she found her four savings accounts in Cooperative Bank, KCB Bank, Waumini Sacco, and Mshwari completely empty.

Raphael, who had been employed at the Holy Family Basilica, betrayed his mother’s trust by not only emptying her accounts but also influencing his younger sibling to drop out of school. Njeri, now faced with emotional distress and the trauma of betrayal, feels helpless and abandoned.

Feeling compelled to lay a curse on her son, Njeri sought guidance from her priest, who advised her to wait and hear from Raphael. Despite her bitterness, she contemplates returning to work in the Gulf, as her former employer is willing to rehire her.

In her desperate situation, Immaculate Njeri, once a hardworking mother with dreams of a better life for her family, has been reduced to a beggar on the streets of Donholm. She expresses her deep disappointment and frustration, reminding Raphael of the sacrifices she made for his education and urging him to face the consequences of his actions.